Sacred Sin

Sacred Sin

Sacred Sin is a death / black metal band from Sintra, Portugal that formed in 1991. Over the years of the band's existence they have changed drummers and guitarists quite often. They have also had three different keyboardists.

The current line-up of Sacred Sin is:

José Costa - Vocals & Bass
Nuno Gonçalves - Guitar
Pedro Miguel - Guitar
Diogo "Phantasos" A. - Drums

Sacred Sin have released 5 albums and 2 EPs thus far:

1992 - The Shades Behind (EP)

Performing at

Camarro Fest

2 - 3 February 2018

Barreiro, Portugal

3 February 2018
Time Not Set
Main Stage

Also performing at

Moita Metal Fest

Moita Metal Fest

6 April 2018
Time Not Set
Main Stage

Popular videos

Sacred Sin - The Chapel of Lost Souls (+ Deliverance)
Sacred Sin - "In The Veins Of Rotting Flesh"