Lars Lilholt Band

Lars Lilholt Band

Best live popband in Denmark. They have been on the scenes in Denmark since 1982, playing a folk inspired pop rock of own origin.

The band has released som 20 albums and are one af the most hardworking bands in Denmark, playing almost all summer-events in the country. Lars Lilholt Band have a dedicated audience – and a lot of people who dislikes the band just as much. The track »Kald det kærlighed« (»Call it love«) is the second most popular danish popsong in the 20th century, by a vote by Danish public radio. Read more on

Performing at

Jelling Musik

24 - 27 May 2018

Jelling, Denmark

No performance date yet

Also performing at

Haze over Haarum

Haze over Haarum

9 June 2018
Stor Scene
Bork Havn

Bork Havn

4 August 2018
Time Not Set
Main Stage

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