Kaija Koo

Kaija Koo

Kaija Koo (real name Kaija Kokkola, b. 10 September 1962) is a Finnish vocalist and lyricist.

She started her career in a band called Steel City at the age of 17 and released her first solo Kun savukkeet on loppuneet in 1986. Her next album,Tuulten viemää was her first major breakthrough. After she has made 8 studio albums (latest Irti, 2010) and four compilation albums (2000, 2006, 2007 and 2010).

Most of her material is composed by her ex-husband Markku Impiö, most of the lyrics being written by Kaija Koo with co-operation of Impiö.
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27 - 28 July 2018
Oulu, Finland

Maj Karma, K-x-p, Cmx, Jenni Vartiainen, Mikael Gabriel

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6 - 8 July 2018
Turku, Finland

Antii Tuisku, DJ Snake, Disco Ensemble, Ellinoora, Evelina

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8 - 10 June 2018
Kaarina, Finland

Jenni Vartiainen, Apulanta, Happoradio, Klamydia ja Jannika B, Juha Tapio

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26 - 28 July 2018
Kuopio, Finland

Antti Tuisku, Apulanta, Battle Beast, Brother Firetribe, Haloo Helsinki!

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