The Youth

The Youth

There are five groups that use the name “The Youth”.

(1) A dreamy indie collective from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Started by Koen van de Wardt(Moss)

(2) A very popular Filipino rock band. Their music is a mixture of punk and alternative rock, influenced heavily by The Wuds. This band is composed of Dodong Cruz, Robert Javier and Erap Carrasco.

(3) A Danish rock band, from Esbjerg, Denmark. Their music is a mix of 60s garage rock & newer indie rock like the strokes. Read more on

Performing at

24 February 2018
Saint Gallen, Belgium

Valdimar, Gidge, Ida Gard, Lasse Matthiessen, Symbio

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The Youth - Multo Sa Paningin (Multong Bakla) HD