Whrikk is Matthijs Van Der Geest.

Conceived and delivered in Riffa. Now residing on the moist nether-flats of Haarlem.

Grew up in a nest of classical and jazzy notes... but those harmonic melodies made way for satanic riff's 'n grunts in death-metal. Later absorbed by the magic, power and mystery of psychedelic conjurations. He started experimenting on electronics a couple of years ago as udderrkropunsy.

In Whrikk's compositions some things are not what they seem. Multiple strange beings reside within the bass for warmth. Read more on Last.fm

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4 - 9 July 2018
Niedergörsdorf, Germany

Fako, Frantic Noise, Jangaramongara, Hyperactive 25, Sofus Forsberg

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12 - 18 July 2018
Sotoserrano, Spain

Jahbo, Hutti Heita, Gompa Nubra, Jairam, Norion

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