There are several artists with this name:

1) NONA (US); punk band from West Chester, PA
2) NONA (NL); pop/rock act primarily based in Utrecht, The Netherlands
3) Nona (SP); rapper from Spain, quit the industry after one album
4) NONA (UK); metalcore band based in London, England
5) Nona (HUN); hungarian electronica and chill-out singer
6) Nona (SK); melodic metal band from Poprad, Slovakia

1) NONA, new punk band from WEST CHESTER, PA. mimi on guitar, mike haller on bass and dos on drums. the only NONA that matters. Read more on

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ghosts outside of my hands - nona
NONA - "Otherways" (Official Music Video)
Beyoncé - Hold Up (NONA Cover)

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