Daresbury, Halton, England

22 - 25 Agosto 2019

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    Su questo festival

    Creamfields is the UK's biggest dance music festival, bringing the biggest artists from across the electronic music spectrum to Daresbury each August bank holiday.

    That means stages dedicated to house, EDM, techno, drum and bass, trance, grime and more, making Creamfields the go-to festival for dance music fans in Britain.

    Performing on those stages are over 300 of the best artists and underground stars. A snapshot look back at recent lineups will show up Ben Klock, Eric Prydz, Armin van Buuren, Axwell ^ Ingrosso and Giggs, which gives you some idea of the scale that Creamfields beholds.

    And it's those lineups that keep 70,000 people coming back each summer, as well as Creamfield's unique and immersive new stages, epic production levels, light shows and pyrotechnics.

    Programma 2019




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