Krems, Austria

26 - 30 Aprile, 1 - 4 Maggio 2019

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  • Every year, the donaufestival creates a parallel world between a system crash and a new start. It relies on adventurous aesthetics and vibrations between music, performance and fine art. The program was supplemented with the surprise format Stockholm Syndrome, a Theory & Talks track and a reader with in-depth essays on the main theme of empathy.

    Unlike now? The donaufestival 2018 puts together six daily program packages on two long weekends inviting to make extraordinary experiences.

    Some highlights from the lush performance and music program are already listed on a daily basis. The whole program will be online from March 8th.


    Donau Thomas Jankov
    Donau Rui Gonçalves
    Donau Elliott Rs
    Donau Fab Cor
    Donau André Heindel

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