Dub Camp

Dub Camp

Joué-sur-Erdre, France

11 - 14 Luglio 2019

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    Dub Camp William Hervé

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    Dub Camp Festival is a four-day celebration of reggae music and culture, held on the banks of a man-made lake in northwestern France.

    Inviting soundsystems, singers, selectors, deejays and more, the festival covers all aspects of the classic dub and reggae sound.

    Across five stages, the lineup spans from legends of the scene to the genre's modern proponents, with guests from across Europe and from the Caribbean coming together to share in the music that they all love.

    The festival organisers also pride themselves on their eco-friendly approach and commitment to environmentalism, having received commendation from non-profit organisation A Greener Festival for their efforts.

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