Breda, Netherlands

25 Agosto 2018

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  • ~ Blub! ~ After a year, submarine comes to the surface again. In a completely new look! During our trip to the surface, a lot has happened behind the scenes, so we invite you to admire our brand new festival on August 25th. Dive Boat Festival is going to be something different this year than you are used to.

    Surprise 1; We are moving to De Asterdplas in Breda!

    Surprises are central in 2018! We will not give away too much, but we can already tell you that we are not going to do it alone this year. Submarine Festival is from Brabant and Brabant. That is why we fill the terrain with our musical friends from BRAAF, Daisy, Planet Disco, Boeisco, Klub Bulk and RGB Silent Disco!

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