Evig Natt

Evig Natt

Evig Natt is a Gothic metal band from Norway.
- 2004 - Demo 2004
- 2007 - I Am Silence
- 2010 - Darkland

EVIG NATT started out as a project in 2003, by Kirsten Jørgensen (voc) and ex-EINHERJER, THUNDRA & THRONE OF KATARSIS bassist Stein Sund (bass/voc).
Soon thereafter EVIG NATT recruited ex-ENSLAVED and THUNDRA drummer, Harald Magne Revheim.
In 2006 EVIG NATT signed a record deal with Omvina Records,
and released their highly acclaimed debut album,"I Am Silence" in early 2007. Read more on Last.fm

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