Biddinghuizen, Netherlands

16 - 18 Agosto 2019

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    Lowlands André Cruz
    Lowlands Emmie Den Hartog
    Lowlands Joep Buren
    Lowlands Lyan Elbers
    Lowlands Anika Postma
    Lowlands Élio Gomes
    Lowlands Stephanie Raie
    Lowlands Philip Butler
    Lowlands Volodymyr Pasyaka
    Lowlands Dorien De Block
    Lowlands Saskia Ensel
    Lowlands Niək Nultien
    Lowlands Alessandro Scarabelli
    Lowlands Munmun Rayamajhi
    Lowlands Misha V. Haaren
    Lowlands Krzysiek Nowicki
    Lowlands Peter van den Dungen
    Lowlands Mark Altena
    Lowlands Lars Postma
    Lowlands Rick Wiemer
    Lowlands Klaudia Avellino
    Lowlands Manu Huerta El Negro Momo
    Lowlands Denis Čalaković
    Lowlands Leanne Gale
    Lowlands Rowdy Baltus
    Lowlands Jeffrey Klerks
    Lowlands Sandra Zeugin
    Lowlands Guy Lacommé
    Lowlands Norvienne Allee
    Lowlands Leon Smirnov
    Lowlands Maurice Milan Lindaart

    Su questo festival

    Lowlands Festival is an alternative arts festival in the Netherlands. A multidimensional festival, this is one of the more interesting stops on the European circuit.

    Music is definitely the biggest draw, with lineups of some of the biggest trendsetters in the industry, but the festival also features film, stand-up comedy, visual arts, literature and street theatre.

    Taking place in a large scenic field along Lake Veluwe, the festival site is a mini metropolis. It has 12 stages over which 250 acts are spread, dozens of restaurants, food and drink stalls, a market selling things like clothes and music, a barber shop, sporting facilities, massage parlours... the list goes on.


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