Ruhr in Love
Ruhr in Love

Su questo festival

Here everything is "handmade" and made with attention to detail. For weeks, the community plans on the 40 different floors. Whether knight's castle, double-decker bus or converted to a mini-stage food truck. All unique, created with dedication. A full sound system, nothing more is needed. Because where bass is, there is dancing! On green meadows, in the shade of the trees or on the sparkling watercourse.

Over 40,000 like-minded and yet a very private atmosphere. Only a few hundred people celebrate on each floor. The DJs meet you on stage. Chat and beer? No problem! Cohesion of the scene instead of VIP-posturing. Handmade is also the music. 400 artists mix House, Techno, Goa, Trance, Hardstyle and Hardcore. Residents next to TopStars, newcomers together with old hands.
Ruhr-in-Love is a giant puzzle. Every particle is need


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