Skogsröjet Lars Svedlund
Skogsröjet Thomas Wibom
Skogsröjet Mia Ahrentorp
Skogsröjet Cyrill Kuratli
Skogsröjet Annika Ekström
Skogsröjet Stian Carlsen
Skogsröjet Andreas Hattenbach
Skogsröjet Mao Stenberg
Skogsröjet Oskar Wallner

Su questo festival

The fourth largest city region's most beautiful festival is back on track, this year we also run a full-featured music organ with the best of the Swedish rock scene and international acts.

This little (festival) forgotten part of the empire needs a reputable rock festival in the country far from city festivals and long-dusting dunka-dunks. Our goal is not to be greatest, but we will be the nicest little festival with the widest range.


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