Su questo festival

Way back in 1998, in the German town of Chemnitz, the first Splash! saw only 6 acts performing in an old power station. The aim? To present high-quality music in a relaxed environment. It was so popular that by 2000, Splash! became one of Europe's largest hip hop and reggae festivals, moving to an open air reservoir site; then in 2009 reaching its current location, amongst the mining machines and beaches of Ferropolis.

The ethos of Splash! has stayed the same - high quality lineups featuring credible international acts alongside the best of Germany's lively hip hop scene. As the premier platform for hip hop in Europe, its stages have seen Snoop, Nas, Dilated Peoples, A$AP Rocky and more. Combined with street art, beatbox, MC, break dance, skate culture and a chill atmosphere, Splash! is for Hip Hop certain the best in its class.


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