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Sunwaves Festival is an electronic music festival in Romania. This is a destination festival, taking place on the beaches of Mamaia, a resort district on the Black Sea.

Sunwaves is one of those idyllic festivals that leaves people wondering how they got so lucky. Soothing electronic waves of sun-stroked sounds combine with the touch of sand underfoot to create a perfect moment.

But just because the setting is uptoian doesn't mean the organisers are putting together a second rate lineup. Some of the best DJs in the world have played Sunwaves, with the likes of Jamie Jones, Chris Liebing, Carl Cox and Todd Terry playing in previous years.

Previous Performing Artists

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Sunwaves Alex Turcu
Sunwaves Daniele Carella
Sunwaves Alex Kap
Sunwaves Ardeli Sergiu Adrian
Sunwaves Christian Engelstoft
Sunwaves Miguel Pinto
Sunwaves Pedro Correia
Sunwaves Angyal István
Sunwaves Imane Benturquia
Sunwaves Antonio Panevski
Sunwaves Elena Shapkina
Sunwaves Cristian Dior
Sunwaves Ay'men Abbassi
Sunwaves Rob Edlington
Sunwaves Patrick Weber
Sunwaves Chuck Loris Filée
Sunwaves Narcis Fiştiag
Sunwaves Marta Emeterio
Sunwaves Apagada Fuera de Cobertura
Sunwaves Shay Molco
Sunwaves Yassin Aire
Sunwaves Gergana Dimitrova