Tinderbox Mathias Oliver Clausen
Tinderbox Huang Chang
Tinderbox Alexandru Portan
Tinderbox Ditte Ganer-Kaasgaard
Tinderbox Kim Winsløw
Tinderbox Figgy Rose
Tinderbox Marc Mayland Jensen
Tinderbox Martin Anx Schøn
Tinderbox Mladen Cipek Jørgensen
Tinderbox Malte Friis Højberg
Tinderbox Irene Larsen John
Tinderbox Christian Engelstoft
Tinderbox CA Bloy
Tinderbox Jon Rasmussen
Tinderbox Andreas Hattenbach
Tinderbox Peter Binne Larsen
Tinderbox Henriette P. Henshaw
Tinderbox Philip Bull
Tinderbox Magnus Kjædegaard
Tinderbox Christian Hansson
Tinderbox Irene John

Su questo festival

Tinderbox is a multi-genre festival in Odense, Denmark. Heading into its fourth year, the festival brings 40,000 music lovers to Denmark's third biggest city every year.

Presenting eclectic lineups covering everything from rock to hip hop and EDM, Tinderbox has grown into a central weekend on the nation's musical calendar.

Taking place in a woodland clearing in the Tusindårsskoven forest, this is a classic open field festival with all the amenities to make for an incredible experience.

Programma 2019


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