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VooV Experience

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Dear VooVians, soon it’s time to do it again! The VooV 2018 is drawing ever closer, and we are already looking forward to celebrating with you what we established over the past years: a symbiosis of excellent music, beautiful decorations, the VooV-typical, breathtaking light- and laser-show and last but not least the uniquely clear and powerful sound system!

To reward you and ourselves for the wonderfully relaxed and intimate atmosphere that you were such an integral part and creator of in the last years, we will step up the musical variety in 2018 – with a second floor which at night turns into a playing field for the lovers of darkness: with DarkPsy, HiTech and Forest! We are so excited… ❤We cannot wait to VooV with you!❤


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VooV Experience Gina Victoria Wolff
VooV Experience Maik Tschernjawski
VooV Experience Melissa Ophelia Kwiatkowska
VooV Experience Eroma Jarmas
VooV Experience Filipe Correia
VooV Experience Holger Michalowitz
VooV Experience Markus Mäusezahl
VooV Experience Alina Taylor
VooV Experience Domenique Neram
VooV Experience Cindy Steinhagen
VooV Experience Patrick Weber
VooV Experience Andreas As