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Big Dub Candy Mountain is an annual art & music festival. Each year we bring 40 of the regions biggest electronic dance dj's to perform as well as host workshops, seminars, and other fun events! If you have ever been to Burning Man or a regional burn, you will find a resonance in our principles, our spirit of giving, and our nonstop cycle of fun.

Workshops this year will include yoga, introduction to fire arts, aerial arts, raver crafts, object manipulation and so much more!! We also encourage people to band together and create camps that show their creativity. Pick a theme! Create a space to express yourselves and entertain others. Full art installations are also encouraged and can be arranged directly through the organizers.


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Big Dub Mike Lafond
Big Dub Philip Butler
Big Dub Ashley Shultz
Big Dub Justin Desimone
Big Dub Jimson Lima
Big Dub Maeve Costigan
Big Dub Ressa Mari
Big Dub Victor Perez
Big Dub ClarDarian Davis-Hanners
Big Dub Emily L. McArthur
Big Dub Josh Lee
Big Dub Becky Taggart-Richardson
Big Dub Angel Cartagena