ADE 2016: Special Events You Don't Wanna Miss.

ADE 2016: Special Events You Don't Wanna Miss.

Being the largest electronic music event on the planet, ADE is set to explode this year. Bringing together not only Dj’s and their fans but also the A list of the industry. There’s guaranteed collaborating, learning and of course partying all night long.

With more than 2000 artists and 450 events and conferences it’s easy to get lost and miss something very unique and special. Of course you can go through the Official Program but it might take you a while to do so.

But ADE is so much more than just DJ performances. Here’s our top choices for the most unique events at ADE 2016.


ADE x Virtual Reality  

19-23 October 14:00 - 21:00

VR cinema experience

photo from VR CINEMA

This year you’ll be able to not just listen to your favourite music but literally dive into a mesmerizing VR experience.  Wanna join your favorite Dj on stage in front of a life audience? VR Cinema makes it possible. High quality virtual reality content provided exclusively for the Amsterdam Dance Event!
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Henrik Schwarz and Metropole Orkest - Scripted Orkestra

19 October 19:30 - 23:45

Metropole Orkest performing

photo from Metropole Orkest

Dance music icon Henrik Schwarz with well known Metropole Orkest will start ADE week with a hotly anticipated collaboration. Both are very popular in mixing music genres and together they are going to create a symbiosis between electronic and orchestral music.


ADE Comedy & Music

19 - 22 October 22:00 - 23:00

You have probably heard some dance music jokes or saw a couple of memes. Now you can be laughing and partying together with the best comedians during a very special event at the  Comedy Cafe Amsterdam and DJs presented by IND3MAND Artist & Management.
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Fuck Up Night ADE Special

20 October 19:00 - 21:00
Fuckup nights poster


What could be more inspiring than fails? It’s always better to learn from other people's mistakes than make some on your own, sometimes though it works other way around. FuckUp Nights is a well known international concept and this year ADE gathered Dj’s, event organisers, managers and producers who will share their own fail stories giving you the opportunity to learn from the best.
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For more amazing events and concerts check out the official Amsterdam Dance Event 2016 program. Have fun !